Gaza In Crisis As Power Shortages Bite- UN Experts Warn

Gaza In Crisis As Power Shortages Bite- UN Experts Warn

Two million people in Gaza are suffering a man-made humanitarian crisis caused by power shortages, UN rights experts warned on Wednesday.

Hospitals are reportedly in a “precarious” condition and water shortages are growing, the seven Special Rapporteurs indicated in a statement.

They attribute responsibility for the crisis to Israel, which controls access to Gaza, but highlight that a fuel tax dispute between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas had made matters much worse.

That’s the challenge for many of Gaza’s two million residents who’ve seen their power supply dwindle to between four and six hours a day is how to keep food cold and cook a meal for their families.

The crisis follows a dispute over the payment of fuel taxes between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, which controls Gaza.

Professor Michael Lynk who is the Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, said: “Gaza is suffering a significant humanitarian crisis with cuts in electricity going to the Strip….Before June and certainly before April this year they were generally only receiving eight hours of electricity a day, you know it should be 24 hours a day, the same as everybody else in the region.”

Professor Lynk is one of seven UN rights experts to issue a statement saying that Israel bears “primary responsibility” for the crisis; it has controlled access to the enclave for 10 years.

The power cuts have shut down hospital operating theatres and created a water shortage too.

It’s the latest challenge for Gazans whose economy may never recover, the rights experts say – adding that as in any crisis, it’s the poorest and the most vulnerable who suffer the most.